Nashville Store is OPEN

Vulcan Vape Nashville store panorama

Vulcan Vape Nashville store panorama

2817 West End Ave #123 • Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 835-3370

OPEN Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm

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5 Comments on Nashville Store is OPEN

  1. Angela says:

    I was extremely disappointed tonight. Despite having called the day before and being assured the store would be open until 9pm tonight, checking the website, and checking Facebook which had no mention of Saturday hours changing, when I arrived at the store there was a hand written sign stating they had to close early.
    Due to my current schedule and location it is difficult for me to visit your store;however, I arranged for child care and drove 30+ miles only to find a sign on the door. I had planned for this to be an expensive and worthwhile trip. While it was a costly trip, it most certainly was not worthwhile, since I returned home with nothing but less gas in my tank.

  2. Sethang Moul says:

    Thanks alot for helping me out earlier with my cartomizer. You guys are awesome! I heard you guys are trying to expand in Atlanta? I will be looking forward to that. See you guys soon when im in Nashville again.

  3. Emma says:

    This place is ausome!! The store manager was super helpful and knowledgable on profiling what favors we would like. He explained how everything worked (levels of nicotine, how to fill it up, when to fill it up), and we got to try all the favors we wanted before we bought them. They had a huge selection of favors, cartridges, excessories, and they were cheaper than buying them online. We will definitely keep going to vulcan vapor for everything we need.

  4. Jordan says:

    I recently visited Vulcan Vape this past week to purchase the Kanger Pro tank. Sadly i hadn’t financially prepared myself enough because once i got there, I wished I had brought more money! The shop is very clean, and well organized. The staff is VERY professional and knowledgeable. i had NO questions once leaving. I plan on attending in the near future to try out some different liquids and buy a new battery! i highly recommend this place!!

  5. Daniel says:

    Great attitudes great help bought 100 dollars worth of fluids and plan to spend much more. Thnks for the service and info.

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