E-Cigarette Operation

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An electronic cigarette cartomizer is a combination of a liquid cartridge and atomizer. Cartomizers have coils inside of them with a sponge-like filler wrapped around them. The coils get hot and vaporizes the liquid soaked into the filler. All the cartomizers sold here are “dual-coil”, meaning there are two coils in the cartomizer. We highly recommend dual-coil cartomizers because they are inexpensive, low maintenance, reliable and produce a lot of vapor for your e-cigarette.

E-Cigarette Cartomizer filling and usage tips:

  • Take the cap out of the top of the cartomizer.
  • Drop e-liquid down the side, soaking the inside filler like a sponge. The first time you fill a brand new cartomizer, make sure to get the inside filler completely soaked with e-liquid from top to bottom before vaping! If you don’t, you’ll burn the dry filler and cause a burnt taste that won’t come out. You’ll know it’s good and soaked when e-liquid no longer absorbs into the filler.
  • Some liquid may leak out of the bottom of the cartomizer while you’re filling it. Don’t worry about this. You are not going to over saturate it. Have a paper towel on hand to handle the excess liquid.
  • It may be necessary to put your mouth around the top of the cartomizer and gently blow out any liquid in the center air passage into your paper towel.
  • After filling the cartomizer the first time and vaping it, you’ll need to top off the cartomizer with e-liquid every now and then when you think it’s getting dry.
  • Make sure your atomizer connection to the battery is dry.
  • Occasionally, clean out any residue or excess liquid on your battery and cartomizer connections. You can use a paper towel or a Q-tip.


*Tip: Clearomizers perform better when they are filled above the halfway point. Most leaking issues happen when the liquid level is low.

Bottom Fill Clearomizer Usage Tips:

  • Flip the clearomizer over and twist metal base off.
  • Drop e-liquid down the side until the liquid is filled just below the middle tube.
  • Try not to get e-liquid down the center air hole. If this happens, you will see e-liquid moving into the mouthpiece and you can use a paper towel to clean the liquid out.
  • Replace metal base.
  • *Tip: If you get a burnt taste, let sit for a minute and try loosening the clearomizer and battery connection slightly to create better air flow.

Top Fill Clearomizer Usage Tips:

  • Pop out/twist off the mouthpiece.
  • Drop e-liquid down the side until the liquid is filled up to the top of the wicks, just below where the mouthpiece stops.
  • Try not to get e-liquid down the center air hole. If this happens, make sure none leaks out of the bottom.
  • Replace Cap and let sit for about thirty seconds.
  • *Tip: If you get a burnt taste, let sit for a minute and try loosening the clearomizer and battery connection slightly to create better air flow.

Getting Started

  1. Charge your batteries all the way before you use them the first time. This will increase battery life and performance.
  2. If the light on the button does not light up, press five times in order to turn battery on.
  3. Fill clearomizer with e-liquid.
  4. Replace top and all parts.
  5. Vape.

The eGo / EVOD Battery Button

  • There will be a button on the battery where it meets the atomizer. Press and hold the button while taking a drag. The button will light up while activating the battery causing the atomizer to heat up and turn the e-liquid into vapor.
  • The batteries have a safe mode that can be set by clicking the button five times in a row. The button will blink multiple times and deactivate. The ability to turn the battery off is so that it will not be accidentally activated when it is in your pocket or any other place it may be pressed against something. It is not particularly dangerous if this happens; it will however drain your battery and burn your coils faster.
  • Simply click the button five more times to turn it back to ready mode. When your battery needs a recharge, it will blink several times when you pull.
  • How long a battery lasts depends a lot on the individual using it. On a full charge, a battery could last a couple of hours to a couple of days. When it comes to replacing, you will most likely need to within four to twelve months. You will know when your battery is fading as it will be harder to pull a strong vape.

A Word About E-Cigarette Atomizers

The atomizer is the engine of the electronic cigarette; it’s doing all of the work to create the vapor. When the atomizer heats up and comes into contact with the e-liquid, vapor is created.

Your batteries will probably last you 4-6 months and sometimes longer, depending on the user and the battery. Don’t count on your atomizers. You should have extras. Stock up. Atomizers are not all made equally. Sometimes they last for a week and sometimes they last for a month.

Clearomizer Troubleshooting (Common Problems and Possible Solutions)

Problem: Atomizer is leaking.

Possible Solution: If the liquid seems to be leaking out of the atomizer, make sure that the base and replacement coil are secure. The biggest issue with leaking is a coil that needs to be changed. However, if this is not the case, the liquid level could be low. Another thing to check for is if you are pulling too hard on the clearomizer; the slower the pull, the bigger the vape. When you pull too hard on your clearomizer, it can cause leaking.

Problem: Vapor has a burnt taste.

Possible Solution: Once a new clearomizer is filled or a replacement coil is changed out, the liquid needs to soak into the wicks. This usually takes less than one minute and is crucial to keeping your coil from burning. Another issue could be that the coil needs to be changed. Once a coil turns bad, it will give you a burnt taste and the solution to that is changing your coil.